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Why Attraction?

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In one week from today we will be opening the doors to the Attraction Series set of seminars free to the public.  A lot of questions have been emailed to us about what the attraction series is about, and who is the demographic we’re trying to reach.  Hopefully this will clear some questions and at the same time entice you to want to join us on the 27th.  At the same time shed some light on where we’re coming from.

I don’t know about you, but I use Facebook as my own personal testing ground and psychological study base from time to time when it comes to understanding behaviors and belief systems.  A wise man once told me you can figure out people very quickly by just listening to what they have to say long enough.  On the same note, a wise woman told me you can also pinpoint their place of hurt, or struggle even in the most tongue-in-cheek jests if you listen close enough.

I monitor everything from funny memes to political memes, slanderous ones, and memes people post from sheer emotion; forgetting to check snopes or other myth-busting sites.  The posts that get my attention are the relationship based ones.  I have seen guys post their cynical rants based on the fact they cannot keep a relationship longer than three months, and therefore women are to blame.  I have seen posts from the “sensitive nice guy” who can’t understand why girls always leave him because he’s the nice guy they always wanted.  Or the guy who becomes jaded because he targets women who don’t want a monogamous relationship, therefore the expectations don’t match up.  And the ones from the guys who don’t understand why girls tell him “they just want to be friends,” and he ends up in the “friendzone.”  (By the way, usually when a girl says she just wants to be friends, she usually means she doesn’t even want that.  FYI.)  Where to begin?

When Full 1mpact started the Man Myths© series a few years back we had the philosophy that true masculinity starts from within, rather than without.  And the same goes for true attraction.  However, it is a great paradox in the fact that you might have some great inner dialogue, great charisma, and pretty good confidence; but your decision to not shower often or take care of your teeth will turn girls running for the hills faster than a cheetah in pursuit.  So it works both ways, but we try to start with the inward approach.  This monitoring, listening, reading, researching, brought me to the conclusion that there is a need.  A need to reach out and help those to either improve upon what they already know, or teach what their fathers never taught them.  Every guy has the deep desire to be attractive to those around him.  But when the skills aren’t there, or there is a core belief system rooted in half-truths, it turns into puffing one’s chest or parading around like a peacock for attention.  That works about five percent of the time and I’m being generous here.

In the Man Myths we discussed that there are three areas that all masculinity lies within.  Material, which is cars, houses, money, objects, and things.  Physical, this is the physical body of a man, the body language, and the physical condition of the man.  And finally the internal, spiritual, which is the inward thoughts, spirit, attitude, and inner mechanisms of a man.  All ideas, false or not, lie within those boundaries.  Interestingly enough so do the laws of attraction when it comes to being attractive.  For the inward battle so is the outward reward in many cases.

The Attraction series goes into why each category is important, and how to utilize each to our advantage to help you attract in a way that suites you.  Some of which, may also invade your comfort zone if you’re used to not putting forth much effort.  We approach everything from attitude, body language, and appearance, to appropriate subjects to talk about, what not to talk about, and even Facebook etiquette.  Facebook etiquette?  Huh?  Who needs that right?  Your profile picture alone might be a deterrent.

So who is this seminar aimed for again?   All men who wish to improve.  I was taught if you’re not growing, you’re failing.  If you stand still too long, you will actually find yourself moved backwards in the future.  This is for married men, single men, men with a partner, without a partner…all men.  Why?  Because regardless of whether it is the basic level knowledge or the more advanced series ideas, the same applies to everyone.  I had a married man tell me, “I already attracted my wife, what more do I need to know.”  Simple.  The things you did to attract her, you must continue to do, and even improve upon and change it up a little.  It applies to everyone.

On one more note, I had a gentleman a long time ago tell me, he always enjoyed my material but he already had a girlfriend so he figured what we had to teach didn’t apply to him.  He enjoyed it; he even encouraged other guys about much of the material.  One evening I got a call his girlfriend dumped him.  She told him, “I love you, and you’re a nice guy, it’s me, I just need to move on and find myself.”  He asked me what that means, how can he get her back.  I said, “Do you want to know the translation?”  He nodded, and I replied, “She is saying the relationship got too comfortable, boring, and predictable and has lost its spark, there is little chance in hell I’m coming back.”

He asked why she just hadn’t told him.  I said she probably had, and probably many times, you either never paid attention or figured it was just something that wasn’t that important.  Or she has sailed that boat and moved on.  Her saying it was her, not him, was a polite way of saying, “This ship has sailed.”  He eventually got over it, and began to look inward as many guys do.  He began practicing techniques and ideas to improve his overall lifestyle.  In time he too, found someone new.  The point is this series applies to everyone.  And for the guys who believe they have it all figured out, I’ll tell you what a great mentor told me, “Everyone should have a mentor, all of the time.”


~William M. Jeffries