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Full 1mpact: The Man Myths (Back to Basics)

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It has been quite some time since the last update on the blog here.  A lot has happened since then and now.  We put Full 1mpact in a brief hiatus in order to really focus on our future material, and the up and coming seminars we want to have.  Those of us who are familiar with the inner workings of Full 1mpact understood we needed to get back to basics.  What are the basics?

The basics are the core essential truths we believe that help us become more impactful in our own lives.  Truths that diffuse the myths we’ve been taught growing up.  Truths that help us define ourselves and one another and shed light on lies we once believed.  If I am allowed to say what I believe Full 1mpact is, I would say it is a launch pad for men to have a greater impact in their own lives, and to the lives around them.  Isn’t that what everyone wants?

On January 9th, 2013, Full 1mpact is opening its doors for the first time to the entire public.  This is also why we decided to get laser focused and refine our material for all of you.  We will be introducing to you, The Man Myths, which is a collective work of material that been put together to de-myth much of what we were raised to believe.  If you think back to what we’ve been taught all of our lives, since day one, then you understand that this is the basics.  Yet the basics are not so basic after all.

What if I told you everything you were taught to believe on masculinity can be summed up into three main categories?   And what if, of those three categories, only one of them truly holds the key to pure masculinity?  Was that something we were taught growing up?  Not to me it wasn’t.  And not to 95% of the men I interviewed prior to this study.  Neither were the men online who I researched in forums, in person, and in case-studies.  Basics.  We need to get back to basics.  To the core.

Why do we need to get back to the core of our beliefs or belief system?  What if I told you that whatever it is you believe filters everything you see, judge, and interpret?  Everything.  Now, what if what we, as men, were taught about masculinity, and being a “real man,” was a lie?  Or a half truth.  And that false belief now filters how we perceive everything around us. Can you begin to see where I’m heading with this?

When I was growing up I did not have a father to show me even a sliver of what a real man was about.  Or even a theory of what that might look like.  I was blasted with what my peers believed was masculine, the media’s ideas, and tried to match that with my tiny physique that was the stereotypical weakling.  With no guidance I had no choice but to accept the norms.  Later through a lot of pain I would be forced to map it out myself.  Sound familiar?  This is what most guys do not talk about.  We hide our ignorance because we’re unsure, and we like to appear certain.  But guess what?  We have some keys that will help.  Now you can be certain!

On January 9th, 2013, at 7pm, Full 1mpact will be meeting at the Pasadena Library Auditorium for a free seminar that de-myths much of what we were taught growing up.  And we will show you how to overcome old beliefs, and how to recognize them.  We will also show you how this can be good or bad for your friendships, relationships, and ability to attract a woman or keep a woman.

Hope to see you there.


William M. Jeffries